WOW! BMS can help facility managers in White Plains, NY, and surrounding areas prepare for, respond to, and recover from a virus outbreak in their facility. Our goal is to ensure that each facility is clean and safe. We clean for health!
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Integrated Cleaning Services

As the world continues to focus on finding ways to maintain a clean and safe facility, WOW! BMS continues to focus on cleaning for health. We build strong relationships with clients to earn their trust and reliance as we work to keep their facility clean and optimal for daily operations. We aim to build trust with clients because we believe that they should be spending their valuable time focusing on what they do best.

We understand that each facility is unique, and the level of needs varies from industry to industry. In response to this knowledge, our certified disinfections specialists have worked rigorously to develop our WOW! INTEGRATED CLEAN™ program, which is an innovative approach that amplifies our already high-quality cleaning & disinfection services. It boosts our approach to protecting health and safety by providing clients with a unique solution to their disinfection needs based on their facility and risk levels.


  • The Two-Step Clean First, Then Disinfect Procedure
  • A Multilevel Disinfection Program
  • Integration of EPA Approved List N Disinfectants
  • Strict Compliance with Dwell Times
  • Additional Employee Training
  • Use of Innovative Electrostatic Technologies
  • Proper PPE & Social Distancing

WOW! INTEGRATED CLEAN™ Strictly Adhere to the Recommendation & Guidelines of the CDC & EPA 

Man spraying a disinfectant inside of an office.
A few sanitation workers using a spray gun to clean the railings of the stairs.


We put our employees first, and that enables them to put our clients first.

Because honesty is at the core of who we are, our goal is to be as transparent as possible and serve clients with Integrity.

Our commitment to delivering and exceeding expectations allows us to be responsive, flexible, and adaptable to your unique needs.

Are You Ready to Re-Open Your Facility?

We implement innovative technologies within our services to make our teams productive and efficient so that our valued clients can focus on what they do best.


WOW! BMS offers a variety of services that can help re-open your facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our disinfecting specialists understand that each facility is different and requires a unique approach to re-opening. We have developed this brochure to help your team find the best fit for your facility.

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