Construction Cleanup Services

Cleanup Services

Our construction cleanup teams are efficient and reliable. WOW! Building Maintenance Solutions will provide your facility with the right team of experienced cleaning professionals that will work productively to get the job completed. Whatever your construction cleaning needs may be in the greater NYC area, we are here to help.

Person in black shoes cleaning up an indoor construction site.

Our Construction Cleanup Services

WOW! Building Maintenance Solutions’ approach to cleaning services takes into consideration every aspect of your specific facility. Our construction cleaning services includes pre-and post-construction cleanup, which will make the job easier from start to finish.

We Specialize in:

  • Pre/Post-Construction Cleanup
  • New Construction/Remodeling
  • Commercial/Residential Buildings

Why Choose WOW! Building Maintenance Solutions?

Better Sustainability

We are a Certified member of US Green Building Counseling, LEED Consultant, and LEED Certified.

Better Accessibility

Our Emergency Access to our management team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Superior Services

Our employees are highly trained and detail oriented to get the job done with a higher standard of excellence.

Keep your Facility Clean!

Commercial & Residential Construction Cleaning Programs

Old Fixture Removal

Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry

Protective Material Removal

Tape, Tarps, Dropcloths

Debris Removal

Environmentally Responsible Hazardous Waste Disposal

Detail Finishing

Floors, Baseboards, Walls, Furniture, Window Sills, Cabinets, Blinds, Light Fixtures, Computers & Other Electronics

Interested in Our Construction Cleanup Services?

We implement innovative technologies within our services to make our teams productive and efficient so that our valued clients can focus on what they do best.

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