Concierge Services

Our Concierge Services go beyond those offered by more traditional concierge companies. Since the early stages of our development, we have always taken pride in building strong relationships with our clients by providing them with efficient, high quality, and reliable services. With years of experience being a customer-focused service provider, our desire to meet and exceed expectations means our clients can focus on what they do best.

We have worked rigorously to ensure that we have the best concierge services available for our clients. Each of our valued employees are highly trained and receives comprehensive training in aiding and meeting all the needs of your staff and your residents alike.


How Can WOW! BMS Help You?

Our employee training involves all aspects of front desks duties, such as: properly greeting residents, tenants, and their guests in a cheerful welcoming manner, assisting with all reasonable requests, high levels of customer service, becoming an integral part of the property, answering questions, serving as a general presence and visible deterrent to infractions; detecting suspicious activities reporting all incidents, accidents or medical emergencies to the property manager.

Our Concierge Services Also Includes

  • Fire Watch Services
  • Security Services
  • Door Man Services & More!

Corporate/Commercial Concierge Services

Our Corporate Concierge Service will help elevate your business brand, by enhancing the value of your product or service offering to a premium experience. Our Corporate Concierge Service is designed to support your clients, customers, commercial tenants, associates and/or members personally, so that professionally you are achieving optimal productivity. Our Commercial Concierge Service will help you distinguish your business from the competition.


Multifamily/Residential Concierge Services

We take the burden of non-leasing/sales related matters off the shoulders of your management team. Our concierge staff becomes the people your residents turn to for everything else. While you are optimizing the precious time of your own team, our professional concierge team will cater to your resident’s every need, without you having to worry. Our Residential Concierge services will give you the time & opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your current and future residents.