Quality Control Program

Quality Control Program

WOW! Building Maintenance Solutions is a customer-focused janitorial service provider that is committed to providing clients with high-quality maintenance solutions. Our goal is to establish and preserve a strong relationship with our clients through our core value of Transparency. In order to do so, we have integrated innovative technologies within our daily operations to open a line of transparency between our team and our clients. We offer various methods for clients to electronically submit requests directly to us. These requests are tracked, monitored, and submitted to our professional cleaning teams. 

Person wearing blue gloves holding a pipette and putting it in another object.

Quality Control Tools

We integrate the newest technologies into our daily operations to make our teams more productive. In our cleaning and disinfection routine, we have integrated the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) technology to do rapid testing to assess the cleanliness of surfaces. The ATP technology allows our teams to inspect surfaces after cleaning and disinfecting to ensure the area is properly cleaned and eliminate any harmful residue that may be blind to the eye. 

Our Quality Assurance Includes:

  • Client Web Portal
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Smart Inspection App

Why Choose WOW! Building Maintenance Solutions?

Better Sustainability

We are a Certified member of US Green Building Counseling, LEED Consultant, and LEED Certified.

Better Accessibility

Our Emergency Access to our management team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Superior Services

Our employees are highly trained and detail oriented to get the job done with a higher standard of excellence.

Customer Service Client Portal

We provide our clients with a customized, self-service customer web portal and mobile app. It gives clients the ability to view work orders, submit service requests, view invoices, inspections, and more. Our team members utilize this customized software, which is a fully integrated financial, operations, and project management system. This portal opens a clear line of transparency between our clients and our team, showcasing our teamwork and integrity! 


24/7 Customer Service

Any strong relationship includes an element of effective communication. The beauty of our quality control program is that it creates a common language to discuss the success or failure of the cleaning program outcomes. If a client wishes to speak with our team, we have a 24/7 customer service line for them to contact us for any maintenance needs. We also perform client visits frequently to ensure that our teams are performing to meet the needs of our client’s expectations. 

Our astute cleaning professionals recognize that they can use our quality control programs to improve accountability at every level by recognizing and reinforcing the responsibilities associated with each position. Our comprehensive cleaning quality control program creates an atmosphere to counteract any cleaning deficit and provides a big boost to our employee morale and customer satisfaction. WOW! BMS is committed to building strong relationships with clients to provide them with efficient, high-quality, reliable services.

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We implement innovative technologies within our services to make our teams productive and efficient so that our valued clients can focus on what they do best.

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