A dedicated professional staff is key in offering the highest quality cleaning services. To that end, we train our maintenance workers in our standardized proprietary cleaning methodology and comprehensive safety procedures. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approve all the cleaning products we use. Our clients know they can rely on BMS to preserve an enjoyable, safe environment for employees, customers and visitors.

This is evident from our on-site managers to the night matrons. A stringent hiring policy ensures the best-qualified personnel. Every day, BMS supervisors check all work performed and report conditions to the main office, where operations are evaluated.

Our customer service department is open for business 24 hours a day. Whatever the issue, they can contact a supervisor immediately who will work tirelessly to keep both site and manager well cared for.

Exterior Services:

BMS is one of the most relied-upon commercial cleaning and maintenance firms in the tri-state area. Fully insured and licensed window washing services for all commercial and industrial buildings.

Done with the best methods to WOW! everyone who walks into your building, you will be surprised at how spotless your windows will be. We use the most modern equipment and technology to ensure the best window cleaning services for all of your needs.

Don’t ever think your streets shouldn’t be cleaned, its the first impression of your facility or building! Whether you are a small business owner or a hospital manager,  you’ll be able to entrust BMS with providing the best professional street and roadway sweeping services possible.

Graffiti is art, but it is not always where you want it to be. BMS can help! Contact us for any graffiti removal and we will be sure to rid the area of all unwanted artwork. Using a non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable graffiti cleaning system that won’t harm the surrounding environment.

At BMS we are an all in one business. We have the tools and resources to clean your property, as well as create and maintain a beautiful landscape! With the use of our state of the art machines, we focus on putting a WOW! on your face everytime you walk into your building or facility.

Maintain your largest investments with safe pressure washing for any surfaces. Washing away dirt, grime, mildew, and algae build up over time to leave your property pristine. Each and everyone of our technicians are fully insured and professional.

Snow removal should be the last thing you should worry about as a business owner, or a building manager. BMS can take the snow off of your shoulder so you can focus on the more important items on your agenda.

Interior Services:

We can’t be the most reliable BMS if we don’t do everything. Our office cleaning services are designed to work around your schedule, not ours. Using the best of our tools and resources to make sure your office meets your needs. A clean office helps increase productivity and helps build a better first impression from your clients or customers.

Maintaining a floor in tip-top shape is more difficult than just the regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. A clean floor is beneficial to your business or facility because of the lasting impressions you will leave on your clients. We do everything from carpet cleaning and hardwood floors, to the tedious and hard to clean, tile and grout! Using our specialized cleaning solutions, we can do any kind of flooring you need.

Maintaining a clean environment may be difficult between scheduled cleaning services. That is why hiring our discreet porters or matrons is a smart idea. They make sure your building is looking clean, presentable, and welcoming at all times. They also ensure the safety for all occupants if any unexpected incidents arise, like broken glass or a spill on the floor.

Construction projects or renovations big and small may need a detailed cleaning, even after the debris has been removed. Our technicians are efficient and precise, cleaning from top to bottom is no problem when BMS is in the building. Using our advanced products and cleaning methods, we go the extra mile to provide a quick and pristine cleaning.

There are many parts of a move that are overlooked. On top of hiring a packing and moving company, the most tedious part is cleaning our old and new spaces. Cleaning your old place after you leave sounds a bit redundant no? And cleaning the new space is not something you want to worry about when you have hundreds of other tasks on your mind. Call WOW! today and we can handle the cleaning!