Building Maintenance Solutions, Inc. has always been committed to environmental responsibility and continues to find ways that we can improve our company through sustainable conduct. As an active member in Building Service Contractor’s Association International, Building Maintenance Solutions has a great many resources at its disposal to maintain the highest standards and practices in ‘Green Cleaning’ cleaning to protect health without harming the environment.

Building Maintenance Solutions Green Cleaning Standards

  • Building Maintenance Solutions is committed to using only environmentally responsible chemicals. To do this, we make sure all the products we use are certified under the Green Seal GS-37 standard as an environmentally responsible cleaning product.
  • No abrasive cleaners are permitted as part of our cleaning procedures.
  • We train our staff to use correct product amounts in the proper dilution to achieve optimal results while minimizing water usage.
  • We train our staff in the proper use and care of all equipment and tools, so they work correctly and with maximum efficiency.

Green Cleaning Program

Building Maintenance Solutions program can help those interested in pursuing LEED-EB certification. In fact, an effective green cleaning program can contribute over 40% of the points necessary for basic certification. In comparison with other efforts, the points available through implementation of a green cleaning program provide the cheapest cost-per-point. Combine green cleaning with our Operations and Facilities Maintenance capabilities, and Building Maintenance Solutions is one of the few companies that can self-perform the scope of green cleaning services necessary to help you achieve LEED-EB certification.